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Mediation is an alternative divorce process in which a third-party mediator helps to resolve disputes that arise during the divorce. Mediation can help both parties collaborate to reach agreeable solutions without needing to fight in court, where they will have less control over the outcomes of their divorce. Natashia A. Sinckler is an experienced family law attorney who offers mediation services in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and the surrounding areas. She can assist you and your ex-partner in improving communications, coming to agreements, and making the divorce process easier for everyone.

No divorce is easy, but yours doesn’t have to be an expensive and time-consuming battle in court. Natashia’s greatest strengths are her compassion and dedication to meeting the unique needs of every client. She strives to make both parties feel comfortable and heard throughout the process. If this option sounds like a potential solution for you and your ex-partner, contact the Law Office of Natashia A. Sinckler today. Call (561) 429-6571 or fill out our online contact form in order to request a consultation.

Our Divorce Mediation Services

Division of Marital Assets and Debts: Attorney Natashia will help you identify assets (like real estate, bank accounts, and investments) as well as debts (like credit card, mortgage, and car loan balances) acquired during the marriage. Then she will help you come to an agreement about dividing each of these categories in a fair manner. In Florida, a judge will have the final say on the division of assets and debts if an agreement isn’t made in mediation. That outcome could be disagreeable for either party. Our mediation services allow you more control as well as the assistance of a neutral, professional third party.

Alimony/Spousal Support: Alimony is more typical of divorces after lengthy marriages in which one spouse has become accustomed to being supported financially by the other spouse. Alimony may also be used to help the dependent spouse adjust to supporting themselves. Attorney Natashia will assist you in determining alimony needs as well as settling disputes that may arise.

Child Custody and Parenting Plans: There are many factors to consider in creating a parenting plan. Who will be responsible for making major decisions regarding the child’s life, including education and healthcare? Where will the child primarily live and how will time with the child be shared between the parents? Attorney Natashia aims to help you create a plan that nurtures the child’s relationship with each parent and affords them a stable lifestyle.

Child Support: If one parent may depend on the other parent to support the child financially, child support may be established at a set amount and for a set period of time. Natashia A. Sinckler will help you determine if/how much child support is fair and necessary. This service includes determining the expenses related to raising the child, such as specific healthcare and insurance costs.


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Our Family Mediation Services

Mediation services are a relatively recent development in family law and they have helped many people ease the stress of divorce in several ways. These are just a few of the benefits that you may get from choosing mediation over a traditional courtroom divorce with attorneys on both sides:

  • Decreased Costs: Mediation services tend to be more affordable than courtroom litigation.
  • Increased Control: Mediation prevents courts from making important decisions for you.
  • Improved Communications: Mediation can help ease the tension and open the conversation.
  • More Privacy: Mediation keeps your divorce out of the courtroom.

Get Helpful Mediation in Florida

With over 10 years of experience practicing family law and mediation in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area, Natashia A. Sinckler has worked with clients in a variety of unique situations. Contact our offices today in order to speak with an experienced and passionate mediation attorney.


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